Charity and Volunteerism

Lady Ganga

A few years ago I was in Leh, India, for a few months. When I received an invitation to a screening of Lady Ganga: Nilza’s Story, I watched the trailer and was drawn in at first by the scenery and the mountainside highway along which Nilza was traveling. Cut to a clinic, which was the same one where I had volunteered.

The next scene showed Nilza’s son Smala carrying a bowl of burning incense while walking around the house chanting Buddhist mantras. This was the house where I stayed, and the same way I was awakened every morning by Smala. (more…)

Love and Community

The next journey

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I’ve packed my bags and I’m ready to go. Currently in London, I have been getting rid of things that weigh me down (figuratively and literally) and am traveling the world in search of continued spiritual enlightenment. I’ll be making my way to the Camino de Santiago over the coming days and will keep things as up to date as I’m able and willing. (more…)