About Me

Working on my book at the High Line
Working on my book at the High Line

I faced mortality every day for a decade as an executive in the hospice care industry, examining the big data of death and optimizing the business of caring for the dying.

Death had become a not just a statistic, but visualized data of a million patients, and the pivots and data slices gave a unique insight into the inevitable.

Five years ago I left, embarking on a global survey of spiritual techniques and practices. I became spiritually promiscuous, asking people what they do to experience wonder and awe, how they get closer to their god or higher spiritual awareness, whatever they call the universal energy/life force/holy spirit/tao/harmony.

My past lives include US Senate campaign manager, tequila blender, small-business and nonprofit consultant, underwear model (age 5, Underoos), dishwasher, cowboy, plumber’s apprentice, dotcom founder/loser, MBAer, Carnaval float champion in Veracruz and contributor to the Myanmar Times.

I currently live in New York City, finalizing my manuscript while also consulting for select individuals and projects.

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