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Mt. Athos, Monks and a visit to the Byzantine Empire

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Mt. Athos is the Holy Mountain, revered by Orthodox Christians as the Garden of the Virgin Mary. It’s a unique place where video cameras are seldomly allowed (see this great segment from 60 Minutes last year), and even more rarely women. And the Monks don’t bathe.

And you’re not allowed to go swimming in the sea. I was one of 10 non-orthodox allowed in on October 11, along with 100 Orthodox Christian pilgrims and numerous monks and workers. (more…)

Physical Activity

Arrival to Santiago


On August 27th, I arrived to the city of Santiago de Compostela, after 900 km and nearly 5 weeks of walking.

While my intention was to blog and update on a frequent basis, technical challenges kept me from sharing my thoughts in a caliber matching their gravity. Internet connections were spotty, Vodafone España limited me to 14.4k speeds, the WordPress iPhone app leaves much to be desired, iPhone video editing capabilities are inadequate, etcetera etcetera. (more…)

Love and Community

My ancestral homeland!

Today I found my ancestral homeland. I rented a car in Poitiers and as it turns out, the woman at the Hertz counter was somewhat of a historian. I started the drive to Ferme Acadienne, a place where some French who went to Canada returned and set up a refugee colony. There weren’t any Rangers that came back from the original migration.