92Y Challenge for a New Religion

Note: The public round of voting for the 92Y contest has ended. More information to come soon. 

Please Like Me before Valentine’s day.

I’ve finished my book and am now in New York to publicize and publish it. I’d like to ask you, my friends, to lend a hand. The 92Y, a non-profit cultural and community center, has issued a challenge for their 7 Days of Genius program to create a new religion. Please click through and then click “Like” for my entry for a new religion. (Mom, don’t worry, I’m not relapsing into delusions of grandeur.) 

While this would obviously be a publicity boon for my book should I win (it includes a talk and an interview on MSNBC), my entry for the Community of the Spiritually Promiscuous is actually one of the most plausible entries.

And don’t worry, I won’t pester you for long. The deadline is Valentine’s Day. If you’re feeling it, please share with your social networks and ask your friends, I would be forever grateful.



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