Physical Activity

Arrival to Santiago

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On August 27th, I arrived to the city of Santiago de Compostela, after 900 km and nearly 5 weeks of walking.

While my intention was to blog and update on a frequent basis, technical challenges kept me from sharing my thoughts in a caliber matching their gravity. Internet connections were spotty, Vodafone España limited me to 14.4k speeds, the WordPress iPhone app leaves much to be desired, iPhone video editing capabilities are inadequate, etcetera etcetera.

My Feet are Tired

My hypothesis of the Camino was that feats of strength and/or endurance can elevate you to a higher plane that allows you to get closer to your god.  This little reminder on the path shows that I’m not the first to think so.

I now sit in a café in Madrid with a new computer, reviewing over 10 hours of footage and 2000 photos, and with the benefit of time passing and my reflections maturing, these experiences are landing and I am organizing my thoughts.

And with new video editing capabilities, some of the more exciting parts of this last and subsequent adventures are on the way.  As a start, here’s how I took the picture above: