My dogs are barking

There are different levels of seriousness on the Camino. Some think it’s:
*how far you walk
*how many times you’ve walked the Camino
*whether you walk the trails or the highway
*if you ever take transportation
*if you walk every day or take any for rest

I’ve reached a point where I needed a break.

Yesterday was a scorcher and I had blisters and some heat stroke – to the point of dropping my ice cream cone.



And so it goes that I’m in Gijón for two nights, resting in a hotel room with no one else. Most nights have been in large rooms with over ten people snoring – including me. I’ve learned to asks for the sala de roncadores both in consideration for others and because no one else admits they snore and I get a private room. Some nights we’ve slept on the beach, in rain with bugs and a bit colder than comfortable. but the picnics were spectacular – especially at La Vega:


Tomorrow I’m off to Aviles


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